Our team

Rafał Biegun

CEO, Founder

Key competences:
building strategic plans and their full implementation in the area of market business development and operational competitiveness. Managing relationships with Partners, Customers, and collaboration with Investors.

Krzysztof Wegner

CTO, Founder - 3D Data Processing and AI Expert

Key competences:
developing company strategies, technology development, managing a technical team, collaboration with an investor, collaboration with scientists and universities.

Olgierd Stankiewicz

PhD, DSc, Eng., - Image Processing Expert, Founder

Key competences: development of image processing algorithms and an image data processing and detection system in real time. Development of skeleton parameterization methods.

Tomasz Grajek

PhD, Eng., - CFO, 3D Data Processing Expert, Founder

Key competences:
managing company finances and reporting, collaboration with an investor, development of data processing algorithms, integration of three-dimensional data.

Mariusz Świst

MD, Founder

Key competences:
consultant for the care of the elderly. Over 20 years of medical practice.

Mateusz Lorkiewicz

M.Sc. - AI, ML Expert

Key competences: development of ML algorithms, design and architecture of neural network systems, proficiency in preparing and implementing models using TensorFlow or PyTorch environments, experience working with high-level ML and AI methods, expertise in processing and managing anonymized data.

Jakub Piasecki

AI Software Developer

Key competences: Implementation of the developed algorithms in the field of artificial neural networks

Piotr Barczykowski

Video Software Developer

Key competences: implementation of the developed video data processing algorithms.

Kacper Jarzynowski

Technical Assistant

Key competences:
conducting experiments, data recording, implementation of algorithms.