Use innovative technology to create solutions that improve the physical and mental well-being of the public – with a focus on senior citizens as well as people living alone. 

About us

We are a team of tech innovators, doctors, programmers and scientists who constantly track the needs of the market and our potential clients as well as users. We understand the problems related to caring for senior citizens and people living alone. Depending on the needs of our clients our team will be expanded to include specialists in various fields such as behaviorists and nutritionists. 

We think and act out of the box. Our solutions are designed to meet changing market and customer needs. Tell us what your problem is and – together – we’ll find a solution. 

A major partner of ours, Veritas Group, has been actively providing care to European seniors for over 10 years. Working together lets us continuously verify the needs of the market as well as the needs of senior citizens and people living alone. This way we can provide solutions that solve real and specific problems.

Our partner 

Veritas Group includes:

  • 12 years of experience
  • 350 employees 
  • 3600 caregivers under contract