is a combination of innovative technology and long-term experience in caring for seniors.

Through our solutions, we increase the safety of the elderly, sick, and lonely.


to połączenie innowacyjnej technologii i długoletniego doświadczenia w opiece nad seniorami. Poprzez nasze rozwiązania zwiększamy bezpieczeństwo osób starszych, chorych i samotnych.

The guarantee of the reliability of our solution includes:

    a team of experienced scientists, programmers, doctors, and caregivers. 
    – artificial intelligence (AI),
    – machine learning (ML)

This combination allows us to deliver systems that monitor the safety of seniors and loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


is a system that increases the safety of seniors, providing peace of mind you desire and the privacy your loved one needs.

The functional assumptions of our system are the result of interviews conducted with nursing home staff, doctors, caregivers, and patients, as well as the result of cooperation with our Partner, Veritas Group, which has been involved in the care of the elderly for many years.

Our team

The professionalism of our services starts with people. We are aware that providing services at the highest level requires us to constantly expand our knowledge and skills. Our team is a cohesive group of enthusiasts who treat their work as a passion and a challenge. Among us are people with vast experience, many talents, and interests. We are an open and creative group, and what we do brings us great joy.