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3D skeletonization technology

Our 3D skeletonization technology allows you to see what is happening in the
room without compromising privacy.
“BeSafe24 for nursing houses” is an innovative system supporting care for
elderly individuals in nursing homes.

Tests in nursing homes - April 2023

With a “short” delay, but we finally received the ordered components and can start testing our solution in the Nurisng Home.

Our system, based on proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence (#AI), and machine learning (#ML), discreetly monitors the condition and behavior of seniors. 

11th „Senior-Care” conference – June 2023

  • We would like to thank KIDO (The Polish Chamber of Long-Term Care Facilities) for the invitation

    and the opportunity to participate in the next, 11th edition of the „Senior-Care” Conference.

Tests in nursing homes - April 2023

In April BeSafe24 conducted a technical audit in one of the nursing homes near Poznan. Order placed. We’re waiting for delivery to begin installing our system

10th “Senior Care” conference - March 2023

  • nearly 300 participants,
  • honorary patronage of the Commissioner of Human Rights and local authorities.

For two days we had the opportunity to talk to our future customers. These kinds of meetings give us an opportunity to learn more about their needs and adapt our offer to them.

We would like to thank KIDO (The Polish Chamber of Long-Term Care Facilities) for the invitation

Partnership agreement with KIDO - December 2022

By working together with KIDO (The Polish Chamber of Long-Term Care Facilities) and the Senior-Care Foundation our company will be able to stay up to date on the changing needs of our customers.

This cooperation will also make it possible for us to test BeSafe24 in selected nursing homes.

Senior Care Conference-October 2022

More than 400 participants had the opportunity to exchange insights and a wealth of knowledge. By participating we were able to meet directly with clients and talk about their current problems and needs in holistic, comprehensive care for the elderly and disabled.

Technology in the service of medicine - September 2022

BeSafe24 took part in “Connect & Scale UP” during which several breakthrough solutions from the MedTech industry were presented. This event was organized by The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).

Investment agreement with a fund - June 2022

Our company has signed an investment agreement with the Human Alfa fund – part of which belongs to the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation. This is another step that, in line with our development strategy, brings us closer to becoming a major player on the ever-growing long-term care (LTC) market.

Agreement to install the system in nursing homes - October 2021

We have a very large number of potential clients and more than a dozen signed letters of intent with various nursing homes. We’ve also signed our first agreement to install BeSafe24 in a nursing home for 50 seniors.

Agreement with Veritas Group Sp.z o.o. - July 2021

Our new partner, the Veritas Group, has been actively providing care to European seniors for over 10 years. Working together lets us continuously verify the needs of the market as well the needs of senior citizens and people living alone.

R&D Department in Poznań launched - September 2021

Our team keeps getting bigger. We needed a place where we could create, develop as well as test our solutions and we found one in Poznań where we feel comfortable.

BeSafe24 is registered - August 2020

Growing market needs, lots of interest by potential clients and what we learned about long-term care (LTC) made us decide to start this business.